Municipality of Kapalong

Quezon St. Maniki (Poblacion), Kapalong Davao del Norte, 8113



Earthquakes are expected geologic hazards, but not yet predictable in terms of precise time, place and energy.There are at least three (3) major types of eartquakes namely; tectonic, volcanic and sudden ground shaking. The type of earthquake that has a probability to occur in the municipality is of tectonic region, which is related to major geologic structures such as the Philippine Fault and the Mindanao Trench.

Thus, the determination of the location of major fault is very important, as these are the possible sites where ground rupture has to potential to occur. From this parameter, the areas considered to be at high risk are western part of Barangays Maniki and Mabantao (Map 7). In order to lessen impact of a potential damaging earthquake, a strict adherence to the National Building Code should be adopted. Furthermore, a more detailed geological investigation should be conducted to pinpoint the exact location of the major faukts in the area.

Eartquake Fault Line