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The Bureau of Fire Protection Kapalong Fire Station held its First Mayor Maria Theresa R. Timbol Inter-BPATS Fire Olympics 2016 on 1300H 30 July 2016 as part of the weeklong celebration of 68th Araw ng Kapalong with the theme: “Matinud-anong Panaghiusa para sa Padayong Kalambuan.”

Led by Mayor Maria Theresa R. Timbol, Arlene C. Datu (DILG MLGOO V), Gaspar T. Balinggao, MDMG, (Municipal Administrator & MDRRMC Action Officer), SUPT HONEE FRITZ A ALAGANO, DSC, BFP (BFP RXI Assistant Regional Director for the Operations ) on behalf to SSUPT FELIXBERTO F ABRENICA, DSC, BFP (BFP RXI Regional Director), INSP ISRAEL JOHANN C ALAGABAN BFP (Municipal Fire Marshal), and other key officers, the said event was the first ever Inter-BPATS Fire Olympics in the municipality of the new administration.

The competition was participated by Barangay Peacekeeping Action Teams (BPATS) from Barangays Capungagan, Florida, Gupitan, Katipunan, Mabantao, Sampao, Semong, Sua-on and Tiburcia.

Mayor Timbol welcomed the guests, participants, and spectators to the momentous event with gladness and courage. She also stressed that they aimed to develop the readiness and awareness of the volunteers in terms of firefighting and disasters that might hit their respective places, in which case, these volunteers will be well-equipped.

On behalf with SSUPT FELIXBERTO F ABRENICA, DSC, BFP (BFP RXI Regional Director), SUPT HONEY FRITZ A ALAGANO, DSC, BFP, ARDO, delivered her message to the people with heartfelt gratitude. She added that the bureau was so glad knowing that the LGU has been fostered a well prepared community in the event of any disasters through trainings and seminars, and knowing that a large number of volunteers offered their service for free to their community. She recalled that for the past two years, Kapalongnians were became the representatives for two consecutive Fire Olympics nationwide and hopefully for the next succeeding years.

The event was added with colors when the nine lovely and dazzling candidates ramped and posed in the Search for Miss Barangay Fire Olympics 2016. They had also shown their wit in answering the questions came from the panel of judges. Miss Juvi Jean Ignacio of Barangay Sampao was then crowned as Miss Barangay Fire Olympics 2016 who excelled among the beauties and wits.

Prior to the games proper, Municipal Administrator and MDRRMC Action Officer Gaspar T Balinggao, MDMG, took the opportunity to distribute and turn-over the medical and rescue equipage to all barangays and public schools. There were twenty seven pieces of fire extinguishers, thirty sets of first aid kits, and eight spine boards turned-over to all public schools, while thirteen oxygen tanks with gauges, twenty pieces of Personal Flotation Device (PFD), eighty-four pieces of ring buoys, and five pieces of plastic boats were turned-over to all barangays.

Later on, Mayor Maria Theresa R Timbol and SFO1 Erico E Ganiera BFP led the Oath of Sportsmanship and orientation for the participants, respectively.

The competition was comprised with three events such as hose throwing, bucket relay, and hit the target. Each team seek for an efficient and effective tactics to excel in the said events. Even in the midst of the rain, the inexorable courage to win of each team never stops the game.

At the end, Barangays Sampao, Mabantao, and Katipunan were proclaimed as Champion, 1st Runner Up, and 2nd Runner Up, respectively.

“I would like to express my warmest gratitude towards the LGU Kapalong headed by Mayor Maria Theresa R. Timbol for the unwavering support towards the BFP Kapalong Fire Station, and to all of the officials and participants of nine barangays who actively participated and have making this far since the rehearsal days up to the competition. May the skills you acquire today will make you well equip nowadays.” uttered by INSP ISRAEL JOHANN C ALAGABAN BFP, Municipal Fire Marshal of Kapalong Fire Station.

Indeed, no matter if the team won or lost the game, what counted most was how they conducted themselves, played the games in the spirit of belongingness, peace, sportsmanship, camaraderie, and community enjoyment with their competitors and the knowledge and skills they had learned in this competition essential in the delivery of public service.